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Dani Caracola & La Banda de Ida y Vuelta 
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"Cultures Viatgeres" is an intercultural experience, an approach to the

coexisting cultures. Cultures without geographic borders in our global

society . Music is the excuse to get together in this project to celebrate

the richness of diversity and the social values of solidarity and respect.

40 musicians have participated including the originators of this adventure:

Dani Caracola & La Banda de Ida y Vuelta. Musicians with many different

culture origins, most of them living in Barcelona, have made of this album more than

a bunch of songs. A journey to Africa, America, Europe and specially to

Latin America and Mediterranean culture . There isn't any superior culture,

all of them can learn from each other. Let's walk together towards a better world

with more solidarity, understanding and justice .



Alguns dels músics que han participat al disc "Cultures Viatgeres"

We would like to thank to all the musicians, to Dann Queralt for the cover and the

CD book design, to Valentina Marchant for her promotional photo of the band,

and specially to the producer Xavier Batllés and the Crowdfunders of Verkami.


Thank you all to help to make it real.


Cultures Viatgeres




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