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Dani Caracola & La Banda de Ida y Vuelta 
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Dani Caracola & La Banda de Ida y Vuelta


"Cultures Viatgeres"


The "Cultures Viatgeres" (Travelling Cultures) project starts long before

writting these songs, long before playing with cuban, brazilian or colombian

musicians. Even long before I was born, when probably culture wasn't called

culture yet. Then cultures were already travelling. They have always done so.

From Marco Polo or Ibn Batuta to Christopher Columbus, with better

or worse results, cultures have always travelled. Some of them are invading,

others imperialist or colonialist cultures but cultures are like a breath of

fresh air, you cannot kill them or opress them. They always mix are lived

by people from everywhere because they do travel. We do not invent anything

new with this project, but the thing is we do it consciently. We travel through

the cultures with the intention of meeting and share the treasures all the human

beings have been building and growing during many centuries generating

wisdom, beauty and identities to use them as roots to get beyond.


Cultures Viatgeres


Dani Caracola


Dani Caracola has been working as a musician for 20 years in rock, blues, pop,

bossa, samba or cuban music bands as a guitarrist, bassist, percussionist, singer,

songwritter or producer. The albums "Ya tu sabe" (2005) of the son cubano

band Echa Paká and "Principis" (2010) of the rumba band Caracola are the

most important precedent of these "Cultures Viatgeres"(2012). The first

because it was the outcome of the solidarity of cuban and catalan

musicians, and the second because some of the songs could have

been part of this new album due to their intercultural content.


Dani Caracola


Photo: Joke Bonte



The band: La Banda de Ida y Vuelta

The band is founded with the will of combining different flavours

and sensibilities like the "cantes de ida y vuelta" in english roundtrip songs" (like Rumba, Bolero or Habanera among many others). This concept means that this songs or music has been made with elements of diffrent cultures linked by saylors who brought influences from one place to another. So this band is the experience of interculturality through music. Musicians from the band are from different cultural backgrounds like Miguel from Perú, or Martín from Argentina and Uruguay and they have lived in Barcelona for many years.

Even Albert was born in Barcelona but his mother is from República Dominicana or Dani Caracola has got a great-great-grandmother from Cuba. There is also Pol from Sabadell (Catalonia) and the youngest member Nil from Cardona (Catalonia, too).


La Banda de Ida y Vuelta are:


Albert Casanova - "tres cubano" and vocals

Miguel Arce - bass

Nil Mujal - sax and clarinet

Martin Horne - percussion

Pol Sabata - percussion



Dani Caracola & La Banda de Ida y Vuelta


Promotional band photo by Valentina Marchant



Cultures Viatgeres: a collective project

The "Cultures Viatgeres" project started in september 2011, recording a demo with 4 Dani Caracola & La Banda de Ida y Vuelta songs (three of them are included in the album) and use them to search crowdfunding through Verkami. They succeed and get the budget with 50 funders. This also give them the opportunity to be promote this project at the Barnasants Festival the 23rd of march 2012 at Luz de Gas.


Dani Caracola & La Banda de Ida y Vuelta en Luz de Gas


Photo: Alba Lucia Reinoso




The producer Xavier Batllés


The producer , Xavier Batllés, have been very important in the process of the recording and mixing of the album because of his professionality and enthusiasm. His afinity with the philosophy of the project. He has been part of the team with a great generosity sharing both his musical and recording experience. He has been working as a musician since the 70's being the bass player of Ovidi Montllor, Mayito Fernandez, Gato Pérez, or Lucrecia among many others and he was the director of the jazz-fussion band Orquestra Mirasol. As a producer he has worked with Pomada, Aïxa, Manel Joseph or Baetúria. He has been able to use technology as a tool to create music and emotions. Despite the song intentions were quite clear before the recording we have learned to let us be surprised about unexpected results of musicians' creativity and spontaneity. There have been many chats after the recording sessions exchanging opinions about the meaning of music and culture and different ways of living them in the world. Reflections about our society and how can we learn about other societies without loosing critical awareness. His role has been very important and he has understood the essence of this collective journey and he has shared the solidary spirit of this project with the will of aproach to other social and cultural realities. The music has been the channel to get together with different sensibilities and share them with a common aim.


Xavier Batllés



40 travelling musicians

This album has come out due to a necessity to pay hommage to the

cultures (and of course to their people) coexisting in Catalonia. It is

impossible to conceive the catalan culture without the contribution

of many other cultures (it happens the same with all the cultures

in the world). The list of musicians is very long, we will soon tell

you more about them. We are here to share the planet and we are

here to try to make this world a better place for all together.

To be good world citizens we need to learn many things.

Please keep travelling with us in this intercultural experience.



Músics que van participar al disc "Cultures Viatgeres" de Dani Caracola & La Banda de Ida y Vuelta




Cultures Viatgeres




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